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PixOrNot is a *new* and completely free place to meet new people online for new friends, dating, hookup, fun, and more.
Remember when you could upload photos of yourself and not have them removed? Some sites now won't let you upload photos unless your face is in them.
Remember when you could join a site and didn't have to provide your phone number? This is highly personal information and these sites partner with other sites to create an information network of you and all your activities. Creepy stalkers.
Remember when your private messages weren't monitored? Some sites block your messages based on keywords within them that they don't like.
This site is a return to simpler times, when meeting people online was normal.
We're new, help us grow by sharing this site so other people know about it.
PixOrNot - Free To Meet Girls and Guys


Over time apps have moved more and more features behind a monthly subscription. Many apps even charge for sending private messages and nearly all charge to see who's liked you. Your ability to connect with people is greatly reduced without spending money.
PixOrNot is free. No feature labeled as free will ever be placed behind a paywall. Below are just some of our free features that other web sites charge you for:

See who likes you

Get the full list of people who like you.

Send unlimited likes

Send as many likes as you want to whomever you want.

Send unlimited messages

Send and receive messages without restriction.

See when your sent messages were read

Know if (and when) your sent messages were read. No guessing or paying.

See who's been stalking you

See who's been checking out your profile, and when.

See all question answers

See all answers to the questions others answered. The best way to get to know someone better.

And more...

Less strict, less censorship

You won't get banned for nudity if it's non-sexual. Everyone here is 18 or older.

No 3rd party ads or trackers

There are no 3rd party ads. As for trackers, we host our own analytics. Embedded YouTube videos though have their own trackers we can't do anything about though.

Privacy matters

We don't require (or ask for) your phone number. You may (optionally) provide a birthdate for displaying your age.

No selling of your personal information

Any personal information provided to members via private messaging is private from us. Any posted on your profile or other public places of the site is seen by everyone.

Without Paywalls

Help us tell others about the site. Share the site with your friends, post about it on social media, and link to us.
Our success means you'll never need to pay to meet people online again!