Life melting down

Things happening in the world that affect meeting people, staying active, affording to go out, and other craziness.

Food processing plants and product being destroyed

2 replies 16h ago by Inked
List of over 100 food manufacturing plants destroyed or otherwise damaged.

Europe is facing a tough Winter with greatly increased energy costs

4 replies 18h ago by Inked
Energy prices are skyrocketing in Europe and talks of rationing.

Images show rainbow-colored fentanyl disguised as Skittles and Nerds CANDY

0 replies 19h ago by Inked
A drug that's contributed to the deaths of tens of thousands of Americans last year has been found hidden in candy packaging.

Have you lost anyone unexpectedly over the last couple years?

15 replies 1d ago by Inked
The vaccines came out super quick. Anyone you know injured by them?

$1,000 fine for walking off a designated trail in Victoria

0 replies 1d ago by Inked
Don't wander off the designated trail or you'll get a hefty fine.

FOIA Reveals Postal Inspectors Monitored Conservative Protestors

0 replies 1d ago by Inked
U.S. Postal Service was monitoring Americans focused on the gun issue and President Biden’s election.

Bill Gates and Samsung Develop Prototype Reinvented Toilet

0 replies 1d ago by Inked
Toilet turns poop into ashes and fully recycles water... so apparently you can drink it.

Democrats Push For Defunding The Police

0 replies 3d ago by Inked
Apparently they claim they never said to defund the police, but it's all on video.

Shocking Pride Youth Day Inappropriate For Children

6 replies 3d ago by Inked
If you want to be disturbed, see what little kids were subjected to.

Mobs of People Looting Stores and Gas Stations

0 replies 3d ago by Inked
People are grouping up and robbing stores throughout the US.

Reebok's New Satanic Sneakers For Kids

0 replies 3d ago by Inked
Satanic sneakers for children brought to you by Reebok.

California's War on Electricity Continues

0 replies 4d ago by Inked
California is turning itself into a 3rd-world country with poor electricity. Thread dedicated to CA.

Denver is giving $12,000 to homeless people, no strings attached

1 replies 5d ago by Inked
Homeless people in Denver getting $12,000 and don't have to pay it back.

San Francisco allowing police to access private cameras in real time

0 replies 5d ago by Inked
New security policy approved enables police to access private cameras live without a warrant.

US upcoming electricity rate hike in 2022

0 replies 5d ago by Inked
Massachusetts energy companies hiking electricity rates by 64% beginning November 1st.

Democrats Vote to Give Aliens the Right to Vote

0 replies 6d ago by Inked
Democrats INTEND for illegals to vote in America.

DOJ Forced To Remove Phony Filing In Trump Mar-A-Lago Case

0 replies 8d ago by Inked
The media revealed a prison inmate with a history of forging documents apparently tricked court staff.

Senator Accuses Dept. of Child Safety of Sex Trafficking

0 replies 8d ago by Inked
Senator Farnsworth accused the Arizona of Child Safety of losing more than 550 children.

Biden Moves Forward with US Central Bank Digital Currency

1 replies 8d ago by Inked
Digital currency to replace paper giving Government full control over spending and earning money.

Covid pandemic is over, according to Joe Biden

0 replies 9d ago by Inked
Joe Biden told 60-minutes that the Covid pandemic is now over.
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