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2022 Relaunch

PixOrNot was shutdown in 2021, this site is a re-invention as a completely free place to meet new people.
There's been a lot of changes over the years in an effort to re-grow an active community. This is the only site at this time.
  • KrackSocial has been gone since 2020.
  • MyInkedSpace made a brief re-appearance in 2021, however it failed to attract new members.
  • Zocialized has been gone since 2014. The Zocialized you may find via searching is a fake.
  • AntiZocial was renamed to PixOrNot to avoid issues with Google.
PixOrNot is simply a place to meet new people. You don't have to be single to be a member or to be looking to meet people in person.
PixOrNot costs nothing. There's nothing you can pay for, everything is free. All features are available to all members. Eventually as new features are added some will be paid to help support the site and keeping it going, but no existing features will ever be taken away or locked behind a paywall.
PixOrNot is relaunching in 2022. We're starting from scratch. Many apps launch with millions of fake profiles to seem active and to trick you into paying. We're not. Everyone you find on here joined themselves. So help us let others know about the site. Our growth means you'll never need to pay to meet people online again.
PixOrNot was shutdown in 2021 due to lack of activity. The site features, design, and purpose differed from this new version.
PixOrNot is a relaunch. All old data was destroyed when PixOrNot shutdown in 2021. You are welcome to join again.
You may join now but please keep in mind that PixOrNot is still under active development and many features haven't been implemented yet.
No, but you can install PixOrNot like an iPhone or Android app by following these directions. It's an app-like experience with an icon, full-screen display, push notifications (soon). Note: push notifications aren't supported yet by Apple on iOS.
By releasing an app through Apple or Google they are in control of it to an extent since all apps are required to follow their rules and guidelines, which can change at any time (and do). They decide if your app is following the rules or not and will suspend the app for any reason at any time. Our guidelines are more open than theirs which would very likely prevent an app from being approved. To provide the best experience without having to debate if every decision complies with Apple and Google, and to control our own guidelines, there won't be native apps.
PixOrNot is accessible using any modern device with an up-to-date web browser, and you're always seeing the latest version available without needing to update. It also doesn't take up space on your phone.
Pretty much nothing. You may provide your birthdate so your age is shown, but what you provide for it (if you provide a birthdate at all) can be anything. We ask for your email address when you join allowing you may recover access to your account if you forget your password.
It seems most apps now require your phone number to join. A phone number is extremely personally identifiable and no sites or apps should be requiring it. We don't ask anywhere on here for your phone number.
Absolutely not. The only way for anyone to access your personal information is for you to give it to them either by posting it publicly or by sending it via private messaging. Be aware that we're a United States company and will respect any lawful request for information as required by law, however, since we don't ask for much there's not much we can provide.
The primarily goal is for people to escape the realities and stresses of the world and make new friends or more. Heated topics, such as politics, don't belong here in public areas. What you send in private messages is un-moderated, and it's up to you if you wish to discuss such topics there.
There are many dating apps and there are the handful of big social networks -- there's a lot of competition. The problem with dating apps is most are filled with fake profiles to seem busy and to take your money. The legit ones have many features locked behind paywalls, such as messaging or seeing who likes you. What used to be free features many years ago were slowly moved to paid features or were removed all together. It doesn't have to be this way.