Launch FAQ

PixOrNot is still under development and is expected to properly launch mid-2022.
Have questions that aren't answered below? Send an email to:
PixOrNot was shutdown in 2021 due to lack of activity. PixOrNot was a social network with a Twitter-style feed, which proved to be a poor user experience.
Besides not yet being open to the public, all old data is gone since the old PixOrNot was shutdown in 2021. Once open, you may join us again.
Currently the expected launch will take place during quarter two of 2022. This FAQ will be updated if that changes.
PixOrNot is still under development. Many features haven't been implemented yet. If you really want to join you can use the invite code PixIsBack2022 (case insensitive).
No, but you can install PixOrNot like an iPhone or Android app by following these directions. It's an app-like experience with an icon, full-screen display, push notifications (soon). Note: push notifications aren't supported yet by Apple on iOS.
There are a few problems with releasing a native app. When you release an app on Apple and Google stores they control the app to an extent since all apps are required to follow their rules and guidelines, which can change at any time (and do). They decide if your app is following the rules or not and will suspend the app for any reason at any time. The risk is too high for the amount of work involved. To provide the best experience without having to debate if every decision complies with Apple and Google, there won't be native apps.
PixOrNot is based around meeting *real* girls and guys online either as friends (online or off) or more. It features many of the same features found on social networks as well dating sites, all combined into one.
PixOrNot is free. All of the features at launch will always be free, that's our promise to you. There will be no paying to flirt with members or to message members. In the future, we will offer a few paid features, but we won't lock existing features behind a paywall.
Absolutely not. The only way for anyone to access your personal information is for them to message you or view the public information you've made available on your profile or in status updates. But also please be aware, that we're a United States company and will respect any lawful request for information as required by law.
The primarly goal is for people to escape the realities and stresses of the world and make new friends or more. Heated topics, such as politics, don't belong here in public areas. What you send in private messages is unmoderated and it's up to you if you wish to discuss such topics there.
There are many dating apps and there are the handful of big social networks -- there's a lot of competition. The problem with dating apps is most are filled with fake profiles to seem busy and to take your money. The legit ones have many features locked behind paywalls, such as messaging or seeing who likes you. What used to be free features many years ago were slowly moved to paid features or were removed all together. It doesn't have to be this way.