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Hi I’m Ruth and I’m a Virgo. I turn 50 this September and not sure how I feel about that. July 8th I was in a life changing motorcycle accident. I was stat flight to UofL in Louisville Kentucky placed on life support and have had 15 plus surgeries. Spent a year and half in a wheelchair with tremendous pain relying on people to help me. The original orthopedic surgeon was going to amputate my right leg and I thought it was an unacceptable option and I got a second opinion. I had reconstructive surgery December 31st 2019. There were no promises I’d wake up with a leg but I did. My life has done a 360! I’m now walking with a cane and my pain is nothing like before. I still need assistance occasionally but I’m doing the damn thing myself and proud of it! I give all praise to God and he gives me strength and peace. I have a lot of time on my hands and thought this site looked interesting and fun.

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